Fireball Hyrdophobic Active Snow Foam

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Fireball Hydrophobic Active Snow Foam adds hydrophobic protection to your weekly maintenance wash. Having hydrophobic protection on your vehicle encourages water-borne dirt and contamination to slide away, rather than stick. Treated surfaces stay cleaner for a longer period and because dirt doesn’t bond as readily, cleaning the car is much easier! Fireball Hydrophobic Active Snow Foam is designed to work on its own or boost existing wax or sealant layers. Simply spray it on with a foam lance or use the standard bucket hand wash method, and allow to dwell for around 30 seconds, then rinse off and watch the water bead away from the surface. Water beading effect lasts for weeks*.

Directions for use:
- Rinse your vehicle well with water.
[Foam lance method] Add a small amount of Hydrophobic Active Snow Foam (1:10 ratio) to the foam lance and then spray onto the surface.
[Bucket hand wash method] Add 4-6 caps of Hydrophobic Active Snow Foam to a bucket of water and then apply onto the surface with a wash mitt.
- Allow to dwell for around 30 seconds. Do not leave to dry.
- Rinse off the surface thoroughly with water.
- Hydrophobic effect can be seen immediately.
- Dry the car with a microfiber drying towel.

Features & Benefits:
- Hydrophobic boost for paintwork, glass & wheels
- Is easily applied through a foam lance attached to a pressure washer or via the regular bucket hand wash method
- Creates a thick, clinging foam that rinses away to leave a hydrophobic finish
- Causes dirty water & contamination to bead away from treated surfaces
- Concentrated formula: dilutes up to 1:10

What is hydrophobic effect?
It is a phenomenon whereby a surface has high tendency to repel water. This leads to a water beading effect. Hydrophobic Silica, when applied to a smooth surface, creates a very high surface tension, which in turns leads to water beading and higher tendency for water to roll off the surface. 

This hydrophobic effect greatly reduces the occurence of water marks and thus improves the shine of the paintwork. It also makes it harder for dirt and grime to cling onto the surface, so your car stays cleaner for a longer period of time. The end result is an easier surface for washing, drying and detailing.  

Hydrophobic effect on car windows and windscreen also prevents smearing of water during rainy days, thus greatly improving visibility and driving safety.