Intact Bike-Power Lithium Battery LTM14

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These high tech batteries are manufactured in a special heat-resistant nylon casing with cast brass poles (LI-01 to LI-07). The state of charge of the individual cells is regulated via an inbuilt processor (balancer) and guarantees the highest safety standard in lithium batteries. Thebatteries are highly versatile thanks to their universal lithium battery size in combination with the adhesive adapter pads (spacers), which intAct Bike-Power Lithium Motorcycle battery | Completely maintenance-free Sealed universal block batteries, lithium (LiFePO4) are included in the scope of delivery. 

The use of 10 different types of lithium means that up to 90% of all common motorcycle batteries are covered.



(L x W x H) MM

148 x 105 x 86


Cold Cranking Amper

240 A (EN)



4.0 AH (c10)