SPY Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Function features:
1. After parking, the display will automatically shut off in 35 seconds till next moving detection is triggered; the display will automatically refresh once driving speed reach or over 20km/h.
2. During using, continuous working time is more than 3 minutes, the back light brightness into the semi-bright status, press any button can be turned into a full bright.
3. Press setting button for 3 seconds to enter into setting interface of high pressure, low pressure, high temperature and pressure unit.
4. Press setting button and selection button at the same time for 3 seconds to enter tire code learning interface.
5. Press selection button for 3 seconds until hear a Be sound to restore the factory setting.
6. Press selection button for 5 seconds until hear Be. Be sounds to release, it means power off.
7. When the display is power on, it indicates pressure data for 50 seconds, and automatically changes to indicate temperature data for 8 seconds, it is a cycle process.
8. If any tire under abnormal condition, the related tire data will blink with Be..Be alarm, the red indicator will blink simultaneously.